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"Sorrow is the most human out all emotion" - Kaiser Dolorem to Malcador during his return to Terra

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Not Much is Known About The Lords Of Sorrow Before they were reunited with Their Primogenitor. What little is know is this. The First intense of the Lords Of Sorrow (then Legion of Sorrow) appearing in imperial records is during the unification of Mercia. It is Said to be during the Battle of the Great Chained desert(Great Lakes). Used as assassins and spies the lords of sorrow never fought along side their brother Legions until the final battle of Terra. Records state the Legion of sorrows appeared along side the Emperor silent marching onward to the stars

The Great Crusade Edit

Discovered Fairly early admits the insanity during the Great Crusade. Upon the Forest Word of Cenobis the Legion of Sorrow were reunited with their Gene Sire. Upon Meeting his Father face to face Kaiser Dolorem fell to his knees and began to weep

"Why do you weep my son, for I have come to take you home?"
—The Emperor of Mankind, to Kaiser


Upon Herring their Primogenitor the entire Legion followed suite as all 66,600 battle brother fell to their knees and began to weep.

" Hear Me My sons For Now i am with you, Together we Will reclaim This Galaxy so no others shall fell the sorrow we did today! For now We Shall be only known As the Lords Of Sorrow!"
- Kaisers First words to his Legion

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