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"Preparation is key to large-scale victory against the enemies of Man, one victory only means more suffering until the end. Determination is used to size the moment, to glorify your body and soul in the blood of those that defied the Emperor. My sons, we are the Emperor's Imperators....and we shall know no fear."
—Gladius Voss, Primarch of the Imperators

Gladius Voss, known also as the Consul, is the Primarch of the VIIIth Legion of Space Marines, the Imperators. A being of thunderous strength and determination and valor made manifest is how many described the Primarch of the VIII Legion. He had a natural leadership aura that moved those that found themselves in his presence along with his short blonde-white hair. His dedication to the ideas of the Imperium kept him satisfied, he whom saw the Imperium as the ultimate embodiment of order in a galaxy that desperately needed it.

Gladius Voss is a heavy military ordinate individual, staunched in traditions of his foster world. He would pass these arts and dogma behavior to his sons, the VIII and shape them into the Imperators and often called them the "Emperor's Imperators." Hailing from an unidentified world somewhere in Segmentum Ultima, he was no stranger to war and made himself a valuable asset to the purpose of the Great Crusade.

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Wargear Edit

  • Blade of Valor - The Blade of Valor is said to have been forged from materials from Gladius homeworld and in the depths of Mars itself, an incredible two-handed blade. It was his signature weapon, too massive for anyone to wield but a Primarch. Embedded along the length of the blade were the words "Death is a gift".
  • Consular Armour - Commonly dressed in baroque power armour of burnished purple and gold, Gladius also wore a purple velvet cloak. This armour provided most of his protection and gave him a hulking sight to anyone who would laid eyes to him, a true God of War.

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  • Gladius Voss was created by Cybran (Gladius Voss) as the Primarch of the Imperators and the first Chapter Master (Imperator Rex) of the Imperators Chapters on the Homebrew wiki.