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The Black Hands are organised into thousand man Brotherhoods led by a Voivoda, each brotherhood consists of ten companies each led by a Satnik. Attached to each company will be a specialized squad adept in Assassination, Espionage, Sabotage and Infiltration. These squads will infiltrate an enemy stronghold or camp to cause chaos amongst the enemy and hamper there ability to conduct a war.

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Legion Gene-Seed Edit

There are no Physical defects as a result of the gene seed rather it is a mental defect that afflicts the Black Hand. Members are known to be Quiet and contemplative often saying very little, though in the heat of battle are known to be brutal and savage, hacking off heads of already deceased enemies and hurling them at those that still stand, Ripping out their intestines, and using the wounded as both a human shields and an improvised weapon. Why they do such things is unknown though it appears to be a form of psychological warfare, though it could also be a flaw in the gene-seed

Primarch's Curse: On All Sides Edit

A majority of the Battle brothers of the XX legion suffer from an extreme case of paranoia. Due to this paranoia the battle brothers of the Black Hands will show a strong distrust to outsiders and an unwillingness to share their plans, secrets, even small inconsequential details with their allies, fellow astartes, other legion primarchs, or those simply considered "suspicious". When asked a question the Legionaries will often give generic positive responses when asked questions about such things as there moral, general disposition, and how they feel about the current state of events.

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Stepa Stepanovic

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The legion wears mostly white with their right hand, both knees and entire left arm colored black. the helmets of Sergeants are completely black, those of veterans having a white face plate, Veteran Sergeants wearing white helmets, whit face plate with a black stripe

Black hand boi

Marking on right leg indicate Brotherhood and Markings on left knee indicate company

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Black hand Shoulder

The Legion Badge of the Black Hands is a black outward palm.

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